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64-Channel 400 Mb/s Premium Network Video Recorder

Samsung’s SRN-4000 is a 64CH network video recorder that will allow the connection of up to 64 and 5MP cameras, 12 hot swap hard disc drives and redundant power supplies. While supporting high level functions such as RAID 5/6, 4 x gigabit ethernet ports and advanced video motion detection, it also supports a local monitor for ease of use, automatic camera registeration, ONVIF cameras and mobile apps for smart phone and tablet connectivity.


Available Configurations Include:

SRN-4000-12TB NVR 64 Channel 12TB 400MBPS Recording/100MBPS Playback
SRN-4000-15TB NVR, 64 Channel, 15 TB, 2 Way Audio
SRN-4000-16TB NVR 64 Channel 16TB 400MBPS Recording/100MBPS Playback
SRN-4000-24TB NVR, 64 Channel, 24 TB, 2 Way Audio
SRN-4000-2TB NVR, 64 Channel, 2TB, 2 Way Audio
SRN-4000-32TB NVR 64 Channel 32TB 400MBPS Recording/100MBPS Playback
SRN-4000-36TB NVR, 64 Channel, 36TB, 2 Way Audio
SRN-4000-3TB NVR, 64 Channel, 3TB, 400Mbps Recording/100Mbps
SRN-4000-48TB NVR 64 Channel 48TB
SRN-4000-4TB NVR, 64 Channel, 4TB, 2 Way Audio
SRN-4000-6TB NVR 64 Channel 6TB 400MBPS Recording/100MBPS Playback

SRN-4000 features include:

  • Up to 64-channel
  • VGA, 4CIF recording up to 2592 x 1944 (5MP) supported
  • 400 Mb/s network camera recording rate
  • Record and playback video and audio
  • Supports up to 12 hot swappable HDDs (RAID 5/6)
  • One 3TB HDD pre-installed, providing a total capacity of 3TB
  • VGA/HDMI local monitor
  • iSCSI storage supported
  • Redundant hot swappable power supply
  • Supports ONVIF Profile S standard and RTP / RTSP protocols
  • Play high-definition video using the HDMI cable
  • Display the HDD operation status via HDD SMART
  • HDD overwrite enabled
  • Backup using USB 2.0 protocols and external HDD (not included)
  • Simultaneous playback of 16 channels
  • Various Search Modes-search by time, event, backup, and heat map
  • Various Recording Modes-normal, event, scheduled recording
  • Alarm input / output
  • Remote monitoring function by Windows Network Viewer
  • Live monitoring of the network camera
  • AMD (Advanced Motion Detection)/Heat Map (car/person detection) function
  • Installation wizard function with Easy Setup and Quick Setup options
  • User-friendly UI
Operating System Embedded Linux
Recording Compression: H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG

Maximum Recording Bit Rate: 400 Mb/s (2M 64 cameras real-time recording)

Resolution: CIF to 5M

Mode: Manual, schedule (continuous/event), event (pre/post)

Event Trigger: Alarm input, video loss, camera event (sensor, MD, video analytics), VA (up to 4-channel selectable, advanced MD, object classification (people, car)

Event Action: E-mail, PTZ preset, alarm out, buzzer, monitor out
Search & Playback Playback Bandwidth: 25 Mb/s (16-channel simultaneous)

Search Mode: Date & time (calendar) / event log list

Simultaneous Playback:
Local Monitor/CMS/Web: Maximum 16 channels

Resolution: CIF to 5M

Playback Function: Fast forward/backward, Move one step up/down
Storage Maximum Internal HDDs: 12, hot swappable

Storage Capacity: 1 x 3 TB HDD (pre-installed); expandable up to 48 TB

External NAS (iSCSI): vessRaid 1840i, maximum 192 TB (JBOD)

RAID 5/6
Back-up System Via Web GUI : BU / Exe
Network: JPEG / AVI
Function: Single-channel play, date-time/title display
Sensor Input/output: 8/4 (NO/NC selectable)
Audio Input: 64-channel (network)
Compression: G.711, G.726
Audio Communication: 2-way supported

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.