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Sofradir EC : IRE-320S

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High Performance Cooled Infrared Camera

The Sofradir EC infrared IRE-320S camera family harnesses the full performance of the Sofradir Mars, Scorpio, and Jupiter Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) focal plane arrays while offering unique flexibility to meet the needs of any application or OEM requirement. The cameras are available in mid-format (320x256), large-format (640x512), and megapixel (1280x1024). The mid-format Mars-based cameras have broad spectral response capabilities ranging from SWIR (800nm 2.5μm), broadband MWIR (1.5-5μm), MWIR (3-5μm), LWIR (8- 10μm), and VLWIR (8-12μm). The Scorpio MW and LW and Jupiter MW based cameras operate in the MWIR (3-5μm) and LWIR (8-10μm) regions. The engines have a common connectivity and interface logic. The Mars, Scorpio and Jupiter camera engines include an integrated detector/dewar/cooler assembly (IDDCA) and electronics.

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