Low light HD Camera

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The Kowa SC200PK1C is able to deliver a color image even in very dark surroundings and is thus ideal for high-end surveillance solutions.

The 2/3 "CMOS 2MP (1080p / 30f - HDTV) color camera delivers even at 0005 Lux. This is possible through a new sensor, similar to the highly sensitive EMCCD sensors. The SC200PK1C camera has a 16x image storage for sensitivity enhancement and 3D-noise reduction.

A day/night function, enables the SC200PK1C to be ultra-high sensitive for observation under IR illumination.

Specifications for the SC200PK1C
Sensor Size: 2/3"
Pixel Size (µm): 5
Mount: CS-mount
Size (mm): 78(W)x58(H)x140(D)
Weight (g): 600
Series: Low Light Kamera
Application: Broadcast, CCTV/Security, Border Control

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