2/3", 3.45-4.4x, C-Mount, 5 Megapixel Plus, Telecentric Macro Zoom

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The Kowa LM1120TC is a 2/3 inch telecentric 5 megapixel plus macro zoom lens.

All new telecentric lenses have very low distortion. The LM1120C lenses produce high contrast and resolution in both center and corners.
In a telecentric optical system, there is no change in magnification when focusing, and magnification is constant over working distances. Thus movement of an object does not change magnification. Therefore, LM1120C is suitable for measuring objects with high accuracy.

• Telecentric lens with variable magnification
• Able to adjust the magnification to match with the pixel size of the camera
• Lenses are designed with an optical magnification that is ideal for over 5 megapixels
• Distortion free lenses of less than 0.02%. TV distortion is limited to 0.25% on the entire image area even when used with a 5 megapixel camera

Specifications for the LM1120TC

Magnification Range 3.45〜4.4×
Image Size(mm) 8.8×6.6(Φ11)
Shooting Magnification 3.45× 4.0× 4.4×
Object side N.A. 0.2 0.2 0.2
W.D(mm) 65.9 65.9 65.9
Shooting Range (mm)(mm) 2/3 inch 2.6×1.9 2.2×1.7 2.0×1.5
1/1.8 Inch 2.1×1.6 1.8×1.4 1.6×1.2
1/2 Inch 1.9×1.4 1.6×1.2 1.5×1.1
TV Distortion 0.015% 0.003% -0.002%
Back Focus in Air(mm) 17.1 24.5 30
Mount C-Mount
Resolution 120lp/mm
Size(mm) Φ57×180.0
Weight(g) 645
Temperature Range -10℃〜+50℃
Storage Temperature Range -20℃〜+60℃

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.