Basler MED ace 2.3 MP 164 fps color CMOS USB3.0 Life Science Camera

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Basler : acA1920-155ucMED

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The Basler acA1920-155ucMED MED ace 2.3 MP 164 color USB 3.0 camera with the Sony IMX174 CMOS sensor delivers 164 frames per second at 2.3 MP resolution.

The new Basler MED ace cameras offer speeds of up to 164 frames per second and have the latest CMOS sensors, from Sony Pregius as well as the PYTHON sensors from ON Semiconductor. With state-of-the-art CMOS technology and feature sets tailored to the Medical and Life Sciences market, the Basler MED cameras offer a very attractive price/performance ratio. The acA1920-155ucMED and the other MED ace models are suitable for a variety of applications, such as in lab automation, ophthalmology, or microscopy.

The Basler MED ace includes the Basler MED Feature Sets. They combine the most impressive qualities of the cameras and stand out with their hardware, firmware, and software features. In the categories Easy Compliance, Brilliant Image, Perfect Color, Low Light Imaging, High Speed and Industrial Excellence, you will find functions that were developed specifically for the Medical and Life Sciences Market



  • CRC Checksum

  • Counter Value

  • Exposure Time

  • Gain

  • Line Status All

  • Sequencer Set Active

  • Timestamp

Color Creation and Enhancement

  • Balance White (Manual White Balance)

  • Balance White Auto (Automatic White Balance)

  • Color Adjustment (6-axis Hue/Saturation)

  • Light Source Presets

Event Reporting

  • Critical Temperature

  • Exposure End

  • Frame Burst Start

  • Frame Burst Start Overtrigger

  • Frame Burst Start Wait

  • Frame Start

  • Frame Start Overtrigger

  • Frame Start Wait

  • Over Temperature

Image Acquisition Control

  • Acquisition Start Trigger

  • Acquisition Status

  • Frame Burst Start Trigger

  • Frame Start Trigger

  • Trigger Delay

  • Triggered by Hardware

  • Triggered by Software


  • Device Information Parameters

  • Device Temperature

  • Remove Parameter Limits

  • User Defined Values

  • User Sets (Configuration Sets)


  • 5x5 Debayering

  • Color-Anti-Aliasing

  • Denoising

  • Improved Sharpness

Physical Interface and I/O Control

  • Debouncer

  • I/O Signals: Exposure Active Signal

  • I/O Signals: Frame Burst Start Wait

  • I/O Signals: Frame Start Wait

  • I/O Signals: Timer 1 Active

  • I/O Signals: User Output

  • Minimum Output Pulse Width

Pixel Formats

  • BGR 8

  • Bayer 12

  • Bayer 8

  • Mono 8

  • RGB 8

Standard Features

  • Auto Function Profile

  • Black Level

  • Digital Shift

  • Exposure Auto

  • Exposure Mode: Timed (Control via API)

  • Exposure Mode: Trigger Width (Control via External Trigger)

  • Gain

  • Gain Auto

  • Gamma Correction

  • Lookup Table (LUT)

  • Region of Interest (ROI)

  • Reverse X (Horizontal Mirroring)

  • Reverse Y (Vertical Mirroring)

  • Sequencer

  • Stacked ROI

  • Test Images

General Information

  Design-In Sample: Q3/2018
  Series Production: 10/2018
  Order Number 107496


  Sensor Vendor Sony
  Sensor IMX174
  Shutter Global Shutter
  Max. Image Circle 1/1.2"
  Sensor Type CMOS
  Sensor Size 11.3 mm x 7.1 mm
  Resolution (H x V) 1920 px x 1200 px
  Resolution 2.3 MP
  Pixel Size (H x V) 5.86 µm x 5.86 µm
  Frame Rate 164 fps
  Mono/Color Color


  EMVA Quantum Efficiency (typical/minimal) 55.7 % / 50.0 %
  Dark Noise (typical/maximal) 5.0 e¯ / 7.6 e¯
  Saturation Capacity (typical/minimal) 33.0 ke¯ / 28.5 ke¯
  Dynamic Range (typical/minimal) 73.5 dB / 71.5 dB
  Signal-to-Noise Ratio (typical/minimal) 45.2 dB / 44.5 dB

Camera Data

  Interface USB 3.0
  Pixel Bit Depth 10 or 12 bits bits
  Image Processing In-Camera Processing
  Exposure Control
  • programmable via the camera API
  • hardware trigger
  Digital Input 1
  Digital Output 1
  General Purpose I/O 2
  Power Requirements
  • Via USB 3.0 interface
  Power Consumption (typical) 3.4 W


  Housing Type Box
  Housing Size (L x W x H) 29.3 mm x 29 mm x 29 mm
  Lens Mount
  • C-mount
  Housing Temperature 0 - 60°C
  Weight (typical) 80g


  • CE
  • RoHS
  • GenICam
  • USB3 Vision
  • FCC
  • IP30
  • UL

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