1/1.7 3.8-17mm F/1.4 Aspherical Mega Pixel Vari-Focal Lens

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Tamron : M117VG3817IR

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The Tamron M117VG3817IR is a 4K 8 megapixel  3.8-17mm IR corrected lens for a 1/1.7” sensor format. The M117VG3817IR has a CS Mount and DC Auto Iris, with manual, locking Focus and Zoom operation. The M117VG3817IR delivers outstanding high-fidelity images over the entire visual and near-IR bandwidth spectrum.

  1.  High Optical Performance Compatible with "4K/8 Mega-Pixel" Resolution

    Use of an aspherical lens element, special LD (Low Dispersion) Glass Material, an XLD (eXtra Low Dispersion) lens element combined with state-of-the-art optics design technology assures unrivalled image fidelity compatible with 4K/8 mega-pixel and 5 mega-pixel cameras.

  2.  High Sensitivity Enhanced by F/1.4 Aperture

    The F/1.4 wide aperture renders high sensitivity that enables night-time surveillance in 8 mega-pixel resolution.

  3.  Conformance to the Widely-Used Focal Length of 3.8 – 17mm with the Horizontal FOV (Field of View) Angle of 121.2°

    High-fidelity 4K/8 mega-pixel resolution is provided over the most widely-utilized focal length range of 3.8 – 17mm*. A wide-angle focal distance of 3.8mm supports a full range of high-fidelity imaging in outdoor installations.

    * For 1/3”: Corresponds to the focal distance of 2.5 – 11.2mm

  4. High-Fidelity 5-Mega-Pixel Resolution is Available, Even in the NIR Bandwidth

    Integration of state-of-the-art optics design, choice of lens glass material, and enhanced engineering precision achieves outstanding improvement in CAS* compensation, NIR performance, and corner resolution, resulting in unprecedented high-fidelity 5 mega-pixel resolution in the NIR bandwidth.

    *CAS: Chromatic Aberration and Spherochromatism

  5.  Substantial Reduction in Chromatic Blur, Ghosting, and Flare

    State-of-the-art optics design suppresses chromatic aberration to the bare minimum, rendering images without chromatic blur. Extensive use of advanced design and validation engineering eliminates unnecessary light reflection on the lens surface, while flare and ghosting are suppressed to the minimum by employing Tamron’s multi-coating technology.

  6.  Adoption of a Metal Mount for Higher Reliability

    A newly adopted slip-mount mechanism assists the lens/camera integration for easy installation. Adoption of a metal mount achieves substantial improvement in reliability.

Key Features of the M117VG3817IR

4K Varifocal

IR Corrected

DC Auto Iris

CS Mount

3.8-17mm Focal Length

Manual Focus/Zoom

1/1.7" Sensor

Specifications for the M117VG3817IR
Focal Length 3.8 - 17mm
Iris Range F/1.4-Close
Iris Operation DC Auto Iris
Focus Operation Manual w/ Lock
Zoom Operation Manual w/ Lock
Mount CS
1/1.8" Angle of View (wide/telephoto) 110.7° x 82.3° / 25.9° x 19.6°
1/1.7" Angle of View (wide/telephoto) 113.8° x 63.4° / 26.5° x 15.2°
Focusing Range 0.3m ~INF
Back Focus (in air) 8.66mm
Wave Length Visible Light ~ Infrared
Operating Voltage OPEN: 4V
Weight  180g +/- 5 g
Operating Temperature -20° ~ +60° C 


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