1/1.8" 25mm (S Mount) Board Lens

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The Computar E2520KV is 1/1.8" format, 25mm fixed Board lens, compatible with cameras up to 3 megapixels with M12 S Mount

  • 1/1.8" Format
  • 25mm Fixed Lens
  • Over 3MP
  • 15.7° HFOV
  • M12 (S Mount)
  • F2.0
Model No. E2520KV
Focal Length 25.0mm
Max. Aperture Ration 1:2.0
Max Image Format  6.9mm x 5.2mm(φ8.64mm)
Operation Range Iris -
Focus 0.15m- infinity
Object Dimension at MOD 1/2" Type 3.7cm x 2.7cm (φ4.6)
1/3"Type 2.7cm x 2.1cm (φ3.4)
Angle of View D 1/1.8"


H 15.67°
V 11.86°
D 1/2" 18.10°
H 14.55°
V 10.96°
D 1/3" 13.66°
H 10.96°
V 8.24°
Effective Lens Aperture Front φ12.2mm
Rear φ8.0mm
Distortion 1 type  +0.02%(y=4.32)
Back Focal Length 9.30mm
Flange Back Length ---
Mount M12 P=0.5mm
Coating MgF2 Single Coat (All Surfaces λ= 510nm) 
Dimensions φ17.0mm x 28.1mm
Weight 10.0g

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