Autonomous Security Robot with Video Analytics and AI Technology

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The Ganz NIMBO Security Robot is an autonomous security robot that assists and collaborates with security teams. Useful in office, retail, Industrial, and other spaces, the Ganz Security Robot is leased through Audio Video Supply. Equipped with a robust video analytics platform and A.I technology, it can patrol any indoor space, provide custom alerts, stream live video surveillance, and respond automatically.

The Ganz Security Robot Features Includes:

Video Analytics: Detects human activities, vehicles, animals, and over 80 objects.

Autonomous Patrol: Personalize your video analysis and areas of interest.

Customized Alerts: Simple setup for notification types and on/off schedule.

Cloud Storage: Important video clips (events) and continuous footage synced and encrypted in the cloud.

Live Streaming: Free and secure live monitoring by authorizing users.

Anytime, anywhere: Remote access via iOS and Android devices and web browsers.

Mobile P.A. System: Use text-to-talk or voice recording features to communicate via security robot.

Audio/Siren Warnings: Deter suspects with an automatic alarm once a specific object or activity has been detected.

Compatible with Video Management Software: Seamless integration with most VMS and DVR platforms.

Powered by AI

  • Autonomous patrol and charging

  • Unlimited map and route storage

  • 2-way video and audio capability

  • Customized and automatic responses to detected events

  • Over 80 recognition categories (people, vehicles, skateboards, dogs, etc.)


  • Control unit from your iOS device

  • Setup in under 5 minutes

  • Customizable notifications

  • Filter video footage by date, device, and category

  • Easily export video clips

Size H 26" x L 23" x W 11"
Weight 50 lbs
Robot Speed Up to 3 mph
Ride On Speed Up to 10 mph
Battery Life 6-8 Hours
Accessories Auto-Charge Station, Visibility Mast


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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.