CINEGON 1.8/16MM 27-2201816 COMPACT 1-inch Format (16mm Image Circle) Ruggedized P-Iris Lens

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Schneider Optics : 27-2201816

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The Schneider Optics Cinegon 1.8/16 (p/n: 21-1001482, 27-1991816, 22-1061375, 27-2201816) wide angle 16 mm focal length C-Mount lens for 1” sensor with 5 megapixel resolution enables large field of views from short working distances.The Cinegon 1.8/16 is equipped with a broadband AR coating for 400 nm to 1000 nm for used in visible range and in NIR. The robust and compact design with lockable focus and iris setting guarantees reliable continuous images under production conditions.  A ruggedized version(27-1991816) is available for use in harsh environmens, witht he mechanics specially secured. This option is ideal for traffic surveillance and to be used on robots. With an F# of 1.8, the Cinegon 1.8/16 fast lens is suitable also in closed machines with less light. A version with motorized p-iris ( 22-1061375) offers better control in inspections systems for in-line quality assurance in automated production lines. 

Even under production and/or extreme conditions, the robust mechanical design, with lockable focus and iris setting mechanism, guarantees reliable continuous use.

Our lenses are perfectly suited for applications like traffic, medical, robot vision, 3D-Measurement, food processing, machine vision and other image applications.

Available Models of the Cinegon 1.8/16
Model  Part Number
Standard Lens 21-1001482 
Ruggedized 27-1991816
Motorized P Iris 22-1061375
P-Iris Ruggedized 27-2201816


Cinegon 1.8/16 27-2201816 features include:

  • Robust lens for up to 5 megapixel 1” sensors
  • Broadband coating (400 - 1000 nm)
  • Compact and low weight
  • Vibration insensitivity for stable imaging performance 
  • Click-stop free iris setting / Iris lock
  • Integrated front thread to accept M30.5x0.5 filters
Specifications for the Cinegon 1.8/16 27-2201816
Focal Length [mm] 16
Magnification -0.1
Image circle [mm]  16
Resolution [µm] 6.45
F/# range 1.8...22
NA 0.28
Interface C-Mount
Working distance [mm] ∞ - 155
AoV [°] 51
Focus control manual 
Transmission [nm] 400-1000
Filter thread [mm] M30.5 x 0.5
Dimensions L x D [mm] 44.8 x 34.0
Weight [g] 102
Storage temperature [°C] -25 … +70
f‘eff [mm] 16.43
SF [mm] 11.08
S‘F‘ [mm]  18.45
HH‘ [mm] 11.98
β‘ P 2.591
SEP [mm] 17.43
S‘AP [mm] -24.13
Σd [mm] 37.48
ID/ Part number Standard Lens 21-1001482
Ruggedized Lens 27-1991816
Motorized P-iris 22-1061375
Ruggedized P- Iris 27-2201816


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