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Arecont Vision : AV2105

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2 Megapixel Color IP Camera - Color Version

A megapixel camera can be just as exciting a concept in the CCTV industry as it is in the photography world. On account of its superior resolution, it can provide you with the level of detail not available with a conventional camera. Not only does this mean you'll get a higher degree of security, but it also potentially cuts down on the total number of cameras needed to monitor a given area. And thanks to its use of the highly efficient H.264 codec, the Arecont Vision AV2105 can deliver this level of performance without overloading your network and storage resources.


Available Configurations Include:

AV2105-AI 2.0 H.264 1280X1024 DC AUTO IRIS NO LENS
AV2105-DN 2.0 H.264 MPEG4 1600X1200 D/N MOTOR IR CUT FILTER

AV2105 features include:

  • Given the huge amounts of data a megapixel camera generates, AV wisely chose to incorporate the H.264 codec as the compression method for this camera. Also known as MJPEG part 10, H.264 is uniquely capable of maintaining excellent image quality while keeping file sizes to a minimum.
  • One of the key advantages of a megapixel camera is the ability to digitally magnify the image many times over and still be able to make out identifying characteristics. Furthermore, by moving this enlarged image up and down, and from side to side, you can apply a virtual PTZ function to this camera.
  • Because of its ability to capture a greater view of an area, a single megapixel camera can be used in place of two or more analog cameras, making it a significant time and cost saver.
  • A compact camera is important for security applications needing the camera to maintain a low profile. Its small size will also come in handy when you need to pair it up with an outdoor housing.
  • For efficient data management, you can send video in up to 8 concurrent, non-identical streams while applying different frame rates, bit rates, resolutions and picture to each video stream.
  • ROI lets you view an area of the screen at a higher resolution than the surrounding image. This way, you'll get to see important parts of the image in superior quality and at the same time reduce the load on your network.
  • PoE sends power to the camera over the same Ethernet cable used for data transmission. This greatly simplifies the installation process, allowing you to place the camera virtually anywhere without regards to having an AC outlet close by.
Image Sensor 1/2" Color CMOS (2 Megapixel)
Horizontal Resolution N/A
Lens C/CS Lens mount
Iris Operation Auto iris DC
Pan & Tilt Digital PTZ
Minimum Illumination 0.1 Lux at F1.4
Signal to Noise Ratio 45dB
IR Illumination No
Analog Video Output No
Built-In Microphone No
Audio Input N/A
Audio Output N/A
Controls • Auto Exposure (AE) and Gain Control (AGC) >120dB
• On-camera motion detection with 64 detection zones
• Auto backlight compensation
• Auto multi-matrix white balance
• 50/60Hz selectable flicker control
• Electronic pan, tilt, zoom (PTZ)
• Electronic image rotation - 180° flip
• Resolution windowing down to 32x32 pixels
• Programmable shutter to minimize motion blurring for low-light mode
• MoonLight mode extended exposure and proprietary noise cancellation
• Programmable resolution, brightness, saturation, gamma, sharpness, tint
• Picture-in-Picture: simultaneous delivery of full field of view and zoomed images
• Bandwidth & storage savings by running at 1/4 resolution
Motion Detection Yes (64 zones)
Alarm I/O 1 alarm input, 1 alarm output
Control Connectors N/A

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