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Fujinon : YV2.7X2.9LR4D-SA2L

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2.7x Aspherical Varifocal Lens

The Fujinon YV2.7X2.9LR4D SA2L is a Day and Night and Aspheric Vari-Focal Lens. This lens has a 2.9-8mm focal length and F0.95 Iris Range. The YV2.7X2.9LR4DSA2L includes CS Mount, DC Auto Iris, ND Filter, Long Cable and Metal Mount. This lens is a compact and lightweight design. It is best suited for color, monochrome and day and night cameras. This model also has wide angle and Wide aperture rate.


YV2.7X2.9LR4D-SA2L features include:

  • Day/Night cameras, which are becoming an integral part of the security market, depend on lenses that can transmit light in 700nm-1000nm range when used at night
  • Standard lenses transmit light in the 400nm-700nm range, so when used in a 24-hour surveillance application results in a blurred or out of focus image.
  • As a world leader in optical design we have created a Day/Night lens line that utilizes specialized lens elements making it possible for 24-hour continuous surveillance without the need for re-focusing.
  • The lenses also maintain extremely low chromatic aberration that provides high quality images from visible light (day time) to near infrared (night time) applications.
  • When a camera, which serves day and night, is used with a lens exclusively for daylight (visible rays), it accepts visible rays in the daytime and near infrared rays at night.
  • The two kinds of rays with different wavelengths form an image in focus at a different focal point, and product out of focus images unless it is adjusted in the evening or at dawn
  • There is a growing need for compact, high quality lenses for 24/7 surveillance applications such as parking lots, factory premises, streets. Continuous surveillance is also required for public facilities such as airports, harbors and border patrol, requiring more versatile focal lengths and higher zoom ratios
  • Fujinon has developed lenses that respond to infrared illumination to capture clear, corrected images, even at 0 lux. Fujinon offers a lineup of lenses from the standard focal length of 2.9-8mm, to the diverse focal length of 12.5-2200mm.
Mount CS
Focal length 2.9 mm - 8 mm (2.7x)
Focus Manual
Iris Range F0.95 - T360 (Equivalent to F360)
Iris Auto (DC Type) (*1)
Zoom Manual
Back Focal Distance (In Air) 7.73 mm
Exit Pupil Position (From Image Plane) 74 mm
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 1/3" = 670 mm x 428 mm (Wide), 196 mm x 145 mm (Tele); 1/4" = 428 mm x 298 mm (Wide), 145 mm x 107 mm (Tele)
Angular Field of View 1/3" = 94°37′ x 69°30′ (Wide), 35°18′ x 26°26′ (Tele); 1/4" = 69°29′ x 51°29′ (Wide), 26°22′ x 19°46′ (Tele)
Focusing Range (From Front of the Lens) ∞ - 0.3 m
Mass 35 g
Coil Resistance Drive Coil: 190 Ω; Damping Coil: 500 Ω
Current Consumption 23 mA (Max.) at DC 4V



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