5 Megapixel Fish-Eye Lens

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Fujinon : FE185C057HA-1

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The Fujinon FE185C057HA 1 is designed with the f-theta system, most suited for uniform displaying of images. Allows high-quality image display, partial enlargement, and conversion to ordinary-looking images to be performed easily with imaging software.

The FE185C057HA1 comes with C-Mount, Metal Mount and Manual Iris. This lens is formatted for 5 Megapixel Cameras.

For Megapixel Camera (5 Megapixel): High performance lens to achieve the optimum resolution of mega pixel camera.
Fixed Focal: High performance single focal lens for the best image quality
Fish-Eye: Super wide angle lens realizing angle of 185 degrees.
Manual Iris: Manually-operated iris.
C Mount: Screw-in mounting commonly used in FA lenses.
Metal Mount: Metal mounting with high accuracy and durability.
Wide Aperture Rate (F1.4): Lens with the wide aperature rate, optimizing the sensitivity of cameras.
RoHS Compliant.

Mega Pixel for ultra high resolution
Metal Barrel for rugged applications
Close M.O.D. for close-up applications
Locking Screws to ensure constant focus
Versatile Line-up and a broad range of models

Fujinon's super wide Fish-Eye lens, with an angle of 185 degrees, is the world's first to support 5 megapixel CCD cameras. High-quality iamge display in imaging software has been made simple with captured images that are sharp from edge to edge, and with the adoption of the f-theta system suited for uniform displaying of images. Look no further for effective, blindspot-free wide-area surveillance, such as of subway entrances and shopping arcades.

Fujinon offers a variety of high resolution fixed focal lenses, providing the flexibility needed for today's vision applications. All lenses incorporate locking screws to keep focus and aperture consistent when subjected to vibration. They are designed for large format, high-speed cameras; line scan cameras; and super high-resolution camera applications. All lenses in the one-inch and 2/3-inch series can be used with any machine vision camera to provide ultra high-resolution images.

All of Fujinon's Vision Lens Series feature Megapixel Capability, Metal Barrel, Locking Screws, Close M.O.D, and Standard C-Mount.

Image Sizes
There are several types of imaging elements for CCTV cameras, with different image sizes. The aspect ratio of CCTV camera is normally 4:3 (H:V).

Fixed focal length lens corresponding to megapixel
As the frequency of the megapixel lens increases, the disparity in MTF becomes bigger when compared to an ordinary lens.

Fujinon has realized a high-resolution lens corresponding to mega pixel by adopting the high technical skills cultivated from broadcast lenses and optical beam splitters.
Mount C
Focal length 1.8 mm
Focus Fixed
Iris Range F1.4 - F16
Iris Manual
Back Focal Distance (In Air) 9.70 mm
Exit Pupil Position (From Image Plane) -61 mm
Angular Field of View 1/2 = 185° x 185° (Φ 5.7 mm), 1/3 = 185°01' x 154°08', 1/4" = 154°08' x 115°27'
Focusing Range (From Front of the Lens) ∞ - 0.1 m
Mass 135 g

* With Metal Mount
* With Locking Knob for Iris

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