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Fujinon : HA42X13.5BERD-S48

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2/3inch HD Camera Lens

The Fujinon HA42X13.5BERD-S48 is a Stabilized Telephoto ENG Style lens for large venues or sporting events. The Fujinon HA42X13.5BERD-S48 comes with lens support bracket. Digital servo remote control for full servo studio control, robotics, jibs, tower cams, teleconferencing and other applications where remote control of zoom, focus and iris via RS-232 serial data or traditional analog control is desired. Remote control of the 2X extender is possible with the optional model ECU-2A remote extender module. This HA42X13.5BERD-S48 Formatted for 2/3 inch HD Cameras.

HA42X13.5BERD-S48 features include:

→ Inner Focus: First inner focus system for TV broadcasting zoom lens.
→ Quick Zoom: QUICKZOOM speed is 0.7sec, end to end. QUICKZOOM provides a rapid zoom movement, by the simple push of a button, to the full telephoto position in order to check focus. Releasing the button returns the lens to the original zoom position. The QUICKZOOM function can be performed either from the drive unit or remotely from the zoom rate demand controller.
→ Zoom Limit: By using this function the zoom movement toward both the wide and telephoto side can be limited.
→ OS-TECH: Anti-vibration device for telephoto lenses.

Camera Format 2/3"
Focal Length (1X) 13.5 ~ 570 mm (2X) 27 ~ 1140 mm
Zoom Ratio 42X
Extender 2X
Maximum Relative Aperture 1:2.8 (13.5 ~ 307 mm) 1:5.2 (570 mm)
Minimum Object Distance from Image Plane 3.2m
M.O.D from Front of Lens 2.8m
Object Dimensions at M.O.D. 13.5mm 1888 x 1061mm 570mm 45 x 25mm
Angular Field of View (1X) 13.5 mm 39° 07' x 22°35' 570 mm 0° 58' x 0° 33' (2X) 27 mm 20° 08' x 11° 24' 1140 mm 0° 29' x 0° 16'
Filter Thread ø 127mm P=0.75
Features OS-Tech /DIGI POWER/QuickZoom/zoom Limit
Weight (w/o hood) 5.2 kg
Dimensions 130 x 358.5mm
Stabilization System Optical shift system
Frequency of Compensation Approx. 1 to 10 Hz
Anti-vibration Range Approx. 20% of picture height


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