Dual Gain Monochrome CCD Camera

By: Cohu
Rugged HD PTZ Surveillance Video Camera Solutions for Critical Infrastructure
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The Cohu 2740-Series provides near Gen-1 low light level performance at a fraction of the price. By using specially designed dual-gain circuitry this professional grade camera is a cost-competitive solution for industrial inspection, machine vision, security, and medical imaging.

For conventional installations, its compact size and single connector wiring make it easy to put nearly anywhere. For specialized installations, the front plate is easily removed and oriented up to 45 (180 optional) off center, adding to its mounting options. When used for outdoor surveillance, the camera and related hardware can be enclosed in a Cohu sealed and pressurized housing. Optics are standard C/CS-mount

Built to take it.

The 2740Series can be accelerated and vibrated under rigorous conditions while maintaining a clear, stable image, day in and day out. For the harsh outdoors, Cohu includes a sealed and pressured version of the camera in this product line. Cohu has more than 40 years experience building cameras to military specifications and we apply that real-world knowledge to our products.
Standard C/CS mount provides wide lens selection
Environmental for outdoor surveillance, Cohus sealed and pressurized housing provides camera protection along with options like fiber optic transmission and ID generator OEM Cohu can custom package your camera to your unique requirements. Weve been manufacturing machine vision cameras for nearly 50 years.
Dual gain circuitry provides near Gen-I quality video at a fraction of the cost
Standard 1/2 format provides wide lens selection
Sensor 1/2 (6.4mm x 4.8mm)
Actual Pixels 768 x 494 (RS-170); 752 x 582 (CCIR)
Resolution 580 HTVL (RS-170); 560 HTVL (CCIR)
Sensitivity Full video, max gain, AGC off Standard = .0012 lux; Extended = .0009 lux
Sensitivity 80% video,max gain, AGC off Standard = .0010 lux; Extended = .0007 lux
Shutter Switchable 1/60 (1/50 CCIR) to 1/100,000 sec
Gain Auto/manual 0 to 46 db
SNR 58 dB max; gain 0
Image Processing Gamma fixed at 0.6 (1 or 0.45), no sharpness circuit, field mode only
Lens Drive Both auto and DC iris interfaces included
Sync Internal crystal or external line lock based on adjustable reference
Power 24 VAC or 115 VAC
Power Consumption 23W max.
Weight 10 lbs (less lens)
Mounts 1/4-20 threaded
Connectors 39-pin Bendix, Shrader pressure charge valve, pressure relief
Operating Temperature -20 to 60 C operating, -40 to 60C with heater, -30 to 70 C storage
Humidity Up to 100% relative humidity
Vibration (less lens) Sine vibration from 5 to 60 Hz, with 0.082 inches total excursion (15gs @ 60 Hz); Random vibration from 60 to 1,000Hz, 5 gs rms (0.027g2/Hz without damage)
Shock (less lens) Up to 15 gs, 11ms, in any axis under non-operating conditions, MIL-E 5400T, paragraph
Altitude Sea level to equivalent of 3,000m/10,000 feet (508mm/20 inches of mercury)
Air Contaminants Withstands exposure to sand, dust, fungus, and salt atmosphere, per MIL-E-5400T, paragraph,, and
Explosion MIL-E-5400T, paragraph
Acoustic Noise Can withstand environments greater than 150 dB continuously for 30 minutes
Indoor small size with one cable connectivity does it all power, video, and control
Indoor model small! Only 2.5 x 1 x 1. One cable connectivity provides it all: power, video and control
Environmental model tough! sealed and pressurized outdoor housing with several configuration options including ID generator and fiber video transmitter
Custom model flexible! Front sensor assembly can be oriented to 45
APPLICATIONS Surveillance, Industrial Inspection, Low Light, Observations, X-Ray Imaging

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.