21" Medical Grade LCD Monitor

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The Sony LMD2140MD is a medical-grade 21-inch LCD monitor, optimized for video endoscopy applications, that meets the stringent medical safety and EMC standards and requirements. This monitor incorporates a superb-quality LCD panel that provides an extremely high level of brightness, contrast, and color depth. The use of Sony's original X-Algorithm technology allows natural reproduction of video images, which is often difficult to achieve on typical LCD monitors.

In addition, this monitor provides superior versatility with a variety of signal input capabilities for analog or digital, SD or HD, and DVI-D, as well as user-friendly operational conveniences such as its User Memory functionality. All of these features, together with a compact and light design, make the Sony LMD-2140MD the monitor of choice in video endoscopy cart installations.

Sophisticated I/P Conversion
Hi Clarity Panel
Versatile Inputs
Operational Convenience
VESA Mounting
Excellent picture reproduction (X Algorithm)
Picture Delay minimum mode
Excellent Brightness and Contrast
Wide Viewing Angle
The User Memory
Auto chroma/phase function
Three Colour Tally
Parallel Remote (Modular 8-pin)
Serial Remote

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