Tamron: 23fm75l

High Resolution Fixed Focal Lens With Lock And Manual Iris

The Tamron 23FM-75L is a 2/3" high resolution fixed focal lens with lock and manual iris. Every optical aberration is thoroughly compensated for and as a result, high resolution is...
Focal Length    75mm
Iris Range    F/3.9-32
Iris Operation    Manual w/Lock
Focus Operation    Manual w/Lock
Mount    C

Pentax Cosmicar: c37500kp-c7528-m(kp)

2/3", 75mm, F2.8, 2 MegaPixel rated, Manual Iris C-Mount Lens

The Pentax C37500KP C7528-M(KP) features High resolution compatible with 2 mega-pixel cameras, Optimum optical performance produced at short distance objects, Compact in design and...
Format Size    2/3 format
Focal Length    75.0mm
Max. Aperture Ratio    1:2.8
Iris Range    2.8~32
Mount    C

Fujinon: cf75ha-1

1" 1.5 Megapixel Factory Automation/Machine Vision Lens

The Fujinon CF75HA 1 is a high-resolution design, providing support for up to 1.5 mega pixel camera resolution. Rear focusing system of this lens provides improved performance in m...
Mount    C
Focal length    75 mm
Focus    Manual
Iris Range    F1.8 - F22
Iris    Manual

RICOH: fl-bc7528-9m

1.1" 75mm 9Mega-Pixel Lens (Manual Iris Lens, compatible with up to 12 mega-pixel cameras)

The RICOH FL-BC7528-9M FA lens is for use with up to 12 mega-pixel resolution and image processing.
This lens is optimized for a wide range of applications including electro...

RICOH: fl-cc7528-2m

Ricoh FL-CC7528-2M 2/3", 75mm, F2.8, 2 MegaPixel rated, Manual Iris C-Mount Lens (C37500KP)

2 mega-pixel type lenses for a wide range of applications
Select the optimum lens for your focal length and format size requirements.

With their compact size and high performa...
Format size   2/3, 1/1.8, 1/2, 1/3" format
Focal length   75 mm
Maximum aperture ratio   1:2.8
Iris range   2.8-32
Mount   C

Kowa: lm75hc

Kowa LM75HC 1" 75mm F1.8 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens, 2 Megapixel

The Kowa LM75HC lenses have low distortion, excellent light transmission, and can be used with smaller format size cameras. The LM75HC is for large format 1" megap...
Focal length    f=75mm
Max. diameter (ratio)    F=1 : 1.8~16
Picture size    1" = 12.8x 9.6mm; 2/3" = 8.8x6.6; 1/2" = 6.4x4.8
Ver. angle    1" = 7.3°; 2/3" = 5.03°; 1/2" = 3.66°
Hor. angle    1" = 9.7°; 2/3" = 6.68°; 1/2" = 4.87°

Kowa: lm75jc

75mm 2/3" High Resolution Lens

The Kowa 2/3" high resolution series LM75JC has high resolution, low distortion and excellent cost performance. The LM75JC is compact, lightweight and durable with...
Focal length    f=50mm
Max. diameter (ratio)    F=1 : 2.5~22
Element    5 group 5 element
Picture size    2/3" = 6.6x8.8mm; 1/2" = 4.8x6.4; 1/3" = 4.8x3.6
Ver. angle    2/3" = 5.0°; 1/2" = 3.7°; 1/3" = 2.8°

Kowa: LM75JC1MS

Kowa LM75JC1MS 2/3" 75.0mm F2.5 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens w/ Locking Screws and Marking Settings for Iris and Focus, 2 Megapixel Rated

Kowa's 2/3" megapixel JCM lens series provides extremely high megapixel resolution and utilizes Kowa's floating mechanism design. With a close minimum object distance, low distortion, and compact d...

Tamron: m112fm75

75mm F/3.5 Mega-Pixel w/lock

The Tamron M112FM75 lens is compatible with 5.86 pixel-pitch 1/1.2" imagers and 3.45 pixel-pitch 2/3" imagers equivalent resolution of full 5 megapixels.

Rotational torqu...

Computar: m7528-mp

2/3" 75mm f2.8 w/locking Iris & Focus, Megapixel (C Mount)

The Computar M7528MP Megapixel (C Mount) Lens has a Focal Length of 75mm, with Manual Iris Range F2.8. The M7528 MP comes with Locking set screws on zoom & focus r...
Focal Length    75mm
Max.Aperture Ratio    1:2.8
Max.Image Format    8.8mm x 6.6mm
Operation Range    Iris = F2.8- F16C
Focus    0.3m - Inf.

Computar: v7531-mpz

1" 75mm F3.1 (C Mount) Megapixel Lens

The new Computar V7531-MPZ is a 75mm fixed machine vision lens that is compatible with cameras up to 20 megapixels. The V7531-MPZ is vibration resistant up to 5G.<...

Spacecom: vf75m

1" Fixed focal lens with Manual Iris, 75mm

The Spacecom VF75M is a 1" Fixed focal lens with Manual Iris, it has a focal length of 75mm.