Tamron: 23fm75l

High Resolution Fixed Focal Lens With Lock And Manual Iris

The Tamron 23FM-75L is a 2/3" high resolution fixed focal lens with lock and manual iris. Every optical aberration is thoroughly compensated for and as a result, high resolution...

Focal Length    75mm
Iris Range    F/3.9-32
Iris Operation    Manual w/Lock
Focus Operation    Manual w/Lock
Mount    C
Pentax Cosmicar: c37500kp-c7528-m(kp)

2/3", 75mm, F2.8, 2 MegaPixel rated, Manual Iris C-Mount Lens

The Pentax C37500KP C7528-M(KP) features High resolution compatible with 2 mega-pixel cameras, Optimum optical performance produced at short distance objects, Compact in design...

Format Size    2/3 format
Focal Length    75.0mm
Max. Aperture Ratio    1:2.8
Iris Range    2.8~32
Mount    C
Fujinon: cf75ha-1

1" 1.5 Megapixel Factory Automation/Machine Vision Lens

The Fujinon CF75HA 1 is a high-resolution design, providing support for up to 1.5 mega pixel camera resolution. Rear focusing system of this lens provides improved performance in...

Mount    C
Focal length    75 mm
Focus    Manual
Iris Range    F1.8 - F22
Iris    Manual
RICOH: fl-bc7528-9m

1.1" 75mm 9Mega-Pixel Lens (Manual Iris Lens, compatible with up to 12 mega-pixel cameras)

The RICOH FL-BC7528-9M FA lens is for use with up to 12 mega-pixel resolution and image processing.
This lens is optimized for a wide range of applications including...

RICOH: fl-cc7528-2m

2/3", 75mm, F2.8, 2 MegaPixel rated, Manual Iris C-Mount Lens

2 mega-pixel type lenses for a wide range of applications
Select the optimum lens for your focal length and format size requirements.

With their compact size and high...

Format size   2/3, 1/1.8, 1/2, 1/3" format
Focal length   75 mm
Maximum aperture ratio   1:2.8
Iris range   2.8-32
Mount   C
Kowa: lm75hc

75mm 1-inch Megapixel Lens

The Kowa LM75HC lenses have low distortion, excellent light transmission, and can be used with smaller format size cameras. The LM75HC is for large format 1"...

Focal length    f=75mm
Max. diameter (ratio)    F=1 : 1.8~16
Picture size    1" = 12.8x 9.6mm; 2/3" = 8.8x6.6; 1/2" = 6.4x4.8
Ver. angle    1" = 7.3°; 2/3" = 5.03°; 1/2" = 3.66°
Hor. angle    1" = 9.7°; 2/3" = 6.68°; 1/2" = 4.87°
Kowa: lm75jc

75mm 2/3" High Resolution Lens

The Kowa 2/3" high resolution series LM75JC has high resolution, low distortion and excellent cost performance. The LM75JC is compact, lightweight and durable...

Focal length    f=50mm
Max. diameter (ratio)    F=1 : 2.5~22
Element    5 group 5 element
Picture size    2/3" = 6.6x8.8mm; 1/2" = 4.8x6.4; 1/3" = 4.8x3.6
Ver. angle    2/3" = 5.0°; 1/2" = 3.7°; 1/3" = 2.8°
Kowa: LM75JC1MS

Kowa LM75JC1MS 2/3" 75.0mm F2.5 Manual Iris C-Mount Lens w/ Locking Screws and Marking Settings for Iris and Focus, 2 Megapixel Rated

Kowa's 2/3" megapixel JCM lens series provides extremely high megapixel resolution and utilizes Kowa's floating mechanism design. With a close minimum object distance, low distortion, and compact...

Tamron: m112fm75

75mm F/3.5 Mega-Pixel w/lock

The Tamron M112FM75 lens is compatible with 5.86 pixel-pitch 1/1.2" imagers and 3.45 pixel-pitch 2/3" imagers equivalent resolution of full 5 megapixels.


Computar: m7528-mp

2/3" 75mm f2.8 w/locking Iris & Focus, Megapixel (C Mount)

The Computar M7528MP Megapixel (C Mount) Lens has a Focal Length of 75mm, with Manual Iris Range F2.8. The M7528 MP comes with Locking set screws on zoom & focus...

Focal Length    75mm
Max.Aperture Ratio    1:2.8
Max.Image Format    8.8mm x 6.6mm
Operation Range    Iris = F2.8- F16C
Focus    0.3m - Inf.
Computar: v7531-mpz

1" 75mm F3.1 (C Mount) Megapixel Lens

The new Computar V7531-MPZ is a 75mm fixed machine vision lens that is compatible with cameras up to 20 megapixels. The V7531-MPZ is vibration resistant up to...

VS-Technology: vs-ldv series

Distortionless 1.1" Macro Lens with 12 megapixel resolution

The VS Technology VS-LDV Series lenses are 1.1", 12MP Macro lenses available in 4 focal lengths

Spacecom: vf75m

1" Fixed focal lens with Manual Iris, 75mm

The Spacecom VF75M is a 1" Fixed focal lens with Manual Iris, it has a focal length of

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