navitar 1-6010.jpg
Navitar: navitar-1-6010

C-mount Coupler

The NAVITAR 1-6010 is a sensor that is smaller than 20 mm in diagonal which makes it a “C-mount”. This is required on all Zoom 6000 and 12x zoom systems that are used with came...

navitar 1-60405.jpg
Navitar: navitar-1-60405

ENG Coupling Kit

The NAVITAR 1-60405 coupling kit allows for connection to most 3-CCD cameras that are bayonet, hot shoe or ENG style. The kit contains the appropriate spacers and mounting hardwar...

navitar 3-60160.jpg
Navitar: navitar-3-60160

Microscope objective couplers - M26 x 36T RMS

The NAVITAR 3-60160 is designed to allow for the coupling of Infinity corrected objectives to the UltraZoom 6000. 800 x 36T, M26 x 36T and M25 x 36T couplers are available.

navitar 3-60187.jpg
Navitar: navitar-3-60187

Microscope objective couplers - 0.800 x 36T RMS

The NAVITAR 3-60187 is designed for coupling microscopes and infinity-corrected objectives to camera sensors. It allows for the coupling of Infinity corrected objectives to the Ult...

Intercon 1: vcxsj-0-2-pj

Jack to Jack Cable Couple

The Intercon1 VCXSJ-0.2-PJ is a jack-jack  cable coupler.


JVC: duo


The JVC OpticalCON Duo Fiber Coupler Adaptor is used to extend the transmission distance between the GY-HM790 camera and the base station. It is based on standard ...

Lectrosonics: umc16b

8-Channel Wide Band Antenna Multicoupler (470 to 691 MHz)

The Lectrosonics UMC 16B 8-Channel Wide Band Antenna Multicoupler distributes UHF diversity RF signal from 2 antennas, to the 8 connected wireless microphone receivers, eliminating...