RICOH: fl-cc0418dx-vg

VGA Lens (Manual Iris Lens)

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The FL-CC0418DX-VG is built for a wide...

Format size   2/3, 1/2, 1/3" format
Focal length   4.8 mm
Maximum aperture ratio   1:1.8
Iris range   1.8-Close
Mount   C
RICOH: fl-hc0514-2m

2 Mega-Pixel Lens (Manual Iris Lens, compatible with 2 mega-pixel cameras)

The FL-HC0514-2M is your best choice for image processing data capture at 2 mega-pixels. With their compact size and high performance, they deliver great results for...

Format size   1/2, 1/3" format
Focal length   5 mm
Maximum aperture ratio   1:1.4
Iris range   1.4-16
Mount   C
Computar: h0514-mp

Megapixel (C Mount) Lens

The Computar H0514 MP Megapixel Manual-iris varifocal lens has a 5mm Focal length, Iris range of F1.4, and 1/2" Format. The H0514-MP has Low Distortion, Assured...

Focal Length    5mm
Max. Aperture Ratio    1:1.4
Max. Image Format    6.4mm x 4.8mm
Operation Range    Iris = F1.4 - F16C; Focus = 0.1m - 0.9m
Control    Iris = Manual; Focus = Manual
Kowa: lm4hc

4.7mm 1" Format Wide Angle Lens

The Kowa LM4HC 4.7mm wide angle 1" format lens is a very unique addition to the Kowa renowned HC Series. It can be used for cameras with pixel size down to 5μm....

Kowa: lm5jc10m

5mm 2/3" 10 Megapixel Lens

The Kowa LM5JC10M 2/3" 10 megapixel lens provides 200lp/mm resolution and low distortion in order to maximize performance for high-end applications. Incorporating Kowa's broadband...

Focal length    f=5mm
Max. diameter (ratio)    F=1:1.8~16
Element    8 ELEMENTS 9 GROUPS
Picture Size    2/3" = 6.6x8.8mm; 1/2" = 4.8x6.4mm; 1/3" = 3.6x4.8mm
Vertical Angle    2/3" = 66.5°; 1/2" = 51.1°; 1/3" = 39.5°
Kowa: lm5jc1m

2/3-inch Format 5mm Focal Megapixel Fixed Lens

The Kowa LM5JC1M 2/3" megapixel lens provides extremely high megapixel resolution and utilizes Kowa's floating mechanism design. With a close minimum object distance, low...

Focal Length    5mm
Iris Range    F1:2.8 ~ 16
Image Size    6.6x8.8mm; 4.8x6.4mm; 3.6x4.8mm
Back Focal Length    10.2mm; in air
Flange Focal Length    17.526mm; in air
Kowa: lm5jcm-v

Rugged 5mm, C-mount Lens

Kowa's new LM5JCM-V lens is made for use in high vibration and high shock environments.  With a design based on Kowa's standard 2/3" JCM lenses, the new...

Kowa: lm5ncl

4.5mm 1/2" High Resolution

The Kowa LM5NCL1/2" high resolution lens has a metal body and locking screws. The LM5NCL can be used in a variety of machine vision and robotics applications. The...

Focal length    f=4.5mm - 5%
Max. diameter (ratio)    F=1 : 1.4 - 5%
Element    6 group 7 element
Picture size    1/2" = 4.8x6.4; 1/3" = 3.6x4.8
Ver. angle    1/2" = 59.4°; 1/3" = 45.1°
Kowa: lm5ncr

1/2" 4.5mm Fixed Focal Manual Lens

The Kowa LM5NCR lenses excel in both low light and bright light conditions due to its aperture range of 1.4 to close.

Manual Iris
Adjust iris by...

Focal length    f=4.5mm - 5%
Max. diameter (ratio)    F=1:1.4 - 5%
Element    6 ELEMENTS 7 GROUPS
Picture Size    1/2" = 4.8x6.4mm; 1/3" = 3.6x4.8mm
Vertical Angle    1/2" = 59.4°; 1/3" = 45.1°
Kowa: lm5nf

1/3" Format 4.5mm Focal NF-Mount Lens

The Kowa LM5NF features compact light weight NF-mount lens, megapixel resolution, metal housing, and locking screws for iris and focus.

Kowa's LM5NF...

Use    For 1/3" Color, B/W Camera
Max. Diameter (Ratio)    F=1:1.8 ~ 11
Focal Length    4.5mm
Image Size    3.6x4.8mm
Back Focal Length    8.11mm; in air

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