KT&C: ace-c2mib4

ACE-C2MIB4 Mini HD-TVI Board Camera

The KT&C ACE-c2MIB4 1080p HD Over Regular Coax or UTP Miniature square Camera with 3.7mm board type lens. The ACE-c2MIB4  has a 1/2.7" progessive scan CMOS and d...

KT&C: ace-c2mip4

ACE-C2MIP4 Mini HD-TVI Pinhole Board Camera

The KT&C ACE-c2MIP4 1080p HD Over Regular Coax or UTP Miniature square Camera with 4.3mm pinhole type lens. The ACE-c2MIP4  has a 1/2.7" progessive scan CMOS and...

Axis: axis-m1045-lw

Wireless HDTV 1080p camera with edge storage and IR illumination

AXIS M1045-LW is made for easy, foolproof installation. It comes with a combined corner and wall bracket that lets anyone install it perfectly: Drop the camera in the bracket and i...

Axis: axis-m1065-lw

Full-featured wireless HDTV 1080p camera with edge storage

AXIS M1065-LW features wireless communication and supports microSD card for edge storage. It has a built-in microphone for recording audio, a mini-speaker that can announce pre-rec...

Axis: axis-m3044-v

HDTV 720p fixed mini dome

The palm-sized AXIS M3044-V is an affordably priced, vandal- and dust-resistant indoor HDTV 720p fixed mini dome. WDR ensures that details in both the dark and bright areas of a sc...

Marshall Electronics: cv380-cs

Marshall CV380-CS Compact 4K30 Camera (6GSDI & HDMI)

The Marshall CV380-CS is a compact, true 4K camera built around an 8.5-Megapixel, 1/2.5-inch sensor that delivers ultra-crisp, clear true 4K ...

Hitachi: hv-hd33

3MOS Multi format HDTV Camera

The Hitachi HVHD33 is a 1/3 inch type 1.3 Mega-pixel 3MOS Multi format HDTV camera that comes with eight output formats for HDTV/SDTV operation and horizontal image flip. The
Imaging Device    1/3-inch 3-MOS
Total Pixels    1312(H) x 1032(V)
Video Format    1080 59.94i/50i, 720 59.94p/50p, 480 59.94i, 576 50i switchable
Video Output    HD-SDI/SD-SDI switchable
Analog Output    RGB, YPbPr (D-sub 15pin)

KT&C: kez-c2br28v12ir

KT&C KEZ-c2BR28V12IR 1080p HD-TVI Outdoor Bullet with IR

The KT&C KEZ-c2BR28V12IR Outdoor Bullet has 20 IR LEDs and a 1/2.8" progressive scan CMOS sensor. 

The  KEZ-c2BR28V12IR has superlative HD resolutio...

KT&C: kez-c2br4ir

KEZ-c2BR4IR 1080p HD-TVI Outdoor Bullet with IR

The KT&C KEZ-c2BR4IR 1080p HD-TVI Outdoor Bullet Camera with IR has a 1/2.7" Progressive Scan CMOS. The KEZ-c2BR4IR has 20 IR LEDs with 66' Smart IR Range and is ...

KT&C: kez-c2crb37

KEZ-c2CRB37 1080p HD-TVI Miniature Cylinder

The KT&C KEZ-C2CRB37 is a high definition miniature cylinder camera with IP67 rated weatherproof housing. The KEZ-C2CRB37 has a 1/2.7" progressive scan CMOS sensor...

KT&C: kpc-dn6360nu

750TVL Compact Box Camera

The KT&C KPC-DN6360NU Compact Box Camera with 1/3" 960H Interline CCD has 750TVL Horizontal Resolution.

KT&C: kpc-dns102nuv

KPC-DNS102NUV 750 TVL, 3-Axis 2.8-12mm, Indoor Dome

The KT&C KPC-DNC102NUV is an indoor dome with a 2.8~12mm varifocal DC iris lens and options for a black or white housing.  

KPC-DNS102NUV: 2.8-12mm, W...

Speco Technologies: cvc6246t

HD-TVI 2MP Intensifier® T Indoor Dome Camera, 2.8-12mm lens

The Speco Technologies CVC624T Dome Camera

• 2.8-12mm auto iris varifocal lens
• 1/3” Sony Exmor CMOS, 2MP
• Full HD resolution over coax (HD-TVI)