Bosch: kbd-digital


The Bosch KBD-Digital is an economical keyboard designed for use with Divar digital recorders and System4 multiplexers. Unlike the KBD-Universal model, this keyboard cannot be...

KT&C: ktx-1200

Keyboard for PTZ w/ joystick

The KTX-1200 is an accessory keyboard for KT&C PTZ w/ joystick.

Vitek: vt-kbd1

Xpress 3-Axis Keyboard Controller For SAGA DVR & Xpress PTZs

The Vitek VT-KBD1 keyboard controller is a perfect unit to use with digital video recorder devices it comes with 3-Axis 64 Step Variable-Speed Joystick and Built-in RS-485/422...

American Dynamics: ad2089

Full System Matrix Keyboard

The American-Dynamics AD2089 series includes robust, full-function CCTV system keyboards available in desktop and rack mount versions and are compatible with MegaPower Matrix...

American Dynamics: adcc0200

Keyboard, ControlCenter, RS485/RS232, 2-axis joystick, no power supply

The American Dynamics ADCC0200 ControlCenter keyboard is available in various models with variable-speed and vector-solving joysticks. It has an LCD display with adjustable...

American Dynamics: adcc1100

Keyboard Control Center

The American Dynamics ADCC1100 Keyboard Control Center enables the user to efficiently control and program the Megapower matrix/controller systems. A user-friendly hardware and...

American Dynamics: adtte

Touch Tracker Matrix Keyboard

The American Dynamics ADTTE Touch Tracker Matrix Keyboard provides hassle-free access to an entire array of video switching options from simple camera and monitor selection...

Costar: cdc2550lx

StarDome FasTrax II Dome Controller, 2 Line LCD

The CDC2550LX keyboard controller incorporates a jog dial for smother control of the Costar digital video recorders as well as a 3-axis joystick for fluid control of the Costar...

American Dynamics: controlcenter-200-300

Matrix Keyboard
The American-Dynamics ControlCenter 200/300 Keyboards are robust, full-function system keyboards compatible with the MegaPower family of matrix switcher/controller systems. These...
Videotec: dcj-3

Video and telemetry control keyboard

The Videotec DCJ.3 is a Video and telemetry control keyboard that has Up to 9999 video channels, 999 telemetry receivers on each telemetry line and 99 monitors (More than 40...

Videotec: dcz

Universal keyboard for managing applications from PC

The Videotec DCZ is a Universal keyboard for managing applications from PC with Functions determined by the controlled application and HID Game Controller emulation for the use...

Dedicated Micros: dm-kbc2

Joystick Keyboard for DV-IP

The DM/KBC2 from Dedicated Micros is a joystick keyboard for DV-IP. The Dedicated Micros DM/KBC2 digital keyboard allows the latest generation of DVRs and Video...

Digital Watchdog: dw-kb100

System Control Keyboard. Up to 255 PTZ Cameras and VMAX DVRs

The Digital Watchdog DW-KB100 is a System Control Keyboard. Up to 255 PTZ Cameras and VMAX DVRs (PTZ10X, 12X, 39X,VMAX Series, Infinity Omni-Plus

AVUE: kb3s

3-axis, multi-protocol & programmable keyboard

AVUE KB3S is a 3-axis joystick keyboard designed to give you real time control of your PTZ. It features a minimal set of buttons for PTZ functions like presets, tours, patterns,...

Lekson: lwtx-1200

3-Axis PTZ Keyboard Controller

The Lekson LWTX-1200 is a 3-Axis PTZ Keyboard Controller.

American Dynamics: controlcenter-1100

Matrix Keyboard
The American-Dynamics ControlCenter 1100 Keyboard offers advanced control and programming of the MegaPower family of matrix switcher/controller systems via an easy to use hardware...
Ikegami: pcs-35kb

3-D Joystick Keyboard

The Ikegami PCS-35KB is a control keyboard for the controller and Speed Dome camera system. This keyboard can control pan, tilt, zoom and communicate with a variety of i-LAN...

Weldex: wds-3510ct

Joystick System Controller

The Weldex WDS-3510CT is a Joystick System Controller for PTZ Cameras it has a Multi Protocol Built-in (Standard, Pelco D/P, etc) and has Up to 999 Cameras and 255 DVR...

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