Basler: 2000012273

Spacer ring 0.2 mm, C-mount

Spacer ring (0.2 mm thick).

For C-mount lenses

Basler: 2000017770

Spacer ring 0.1 mm, C-mount

Spacer ring (0.1 mm thick).

For C-mount lenses

Quickset: 4-75750-6

Column Adapter Samson/Hercules

The Moog Quickset 4-75750-6 Column Adapter is compatible with the Samson and Hercules Tripod

Computar: ex1-5cs

Extender (1.5X) for CS-Mount

The EX1.5CS attaches between CS-mount lens and camera. Increases the focal length

Hitachi: lad20a-b

CS-mount to C-mount lens adapter

The Hitachi LAD20A/B lens adapter allows C-mount lens to be used on a CS-mount camera. It has a 5mm spacer and made with Aluminum

navitar 1-60060.jpg
Navitar: navitar-1-60060

0.71X Right Angle Adapter

The NAVITAR 1-60060 is an adapter tube is a required component for the complete Zoom 6000 system. When combined with the C-mount coupler, the adapter tube places the camera sensor...

The Imaging Source: TLH-LENS-HOLDER

The Imaging Source Lens Holders for CMOS and Board Cameras

Lens holder options come in the following models:


Holders for CMOS 22/72 Series Cameras:

TLH 6-2


ViewZ: vz-csc

CS/C Adapter Ring

The ViewZ VZ-CSC  is an adapter to use C-mount lenses on CS-mount cameras.

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