TV One: 1t-tbc

(discontinued) Time Base Corrector

This item is DISCONTINUED.  No replacement from manufacturer.


The TV One 1T TBC is an ultra compact, high performance Multi-Standard Time...
Composite Video Input    1x via BNC Connector
YC Input (S-Video)    1x via 4-PIN Mini-DIN Connector
Video Impedance    75Ω
Television Standards    NTSC, PAL-B, G, N, M, SECAM
Signal Processing    8-bit

Ensemble Designs: 7555

HD/SD Video Processing Frame Sync

The Ensemble-Designs 7555 HD Processing Frame Sync accepts a 1.5 Gb/s high definition video or standard definition video signal for processing, synchronization and

Ensemble Designs: 9550

3G Video Processing Frame Sync

The Ensemble-Designs 9550 HD Processing Frame Sync accepts a 3 Gb/s or 1.5 Gb/s high definition video or standard definition video signal for processing, synchronization and...

Ensemble Designs: be-1

BrightEye 1 SD SDI Frame Sync, Analog/SDI to SDI/Optical Converter

BrightEye 1 is a comprehensive solution to signal acquisition. With analog component, analog composite S-Video (Y/C), and SDI video inputs, it can take on any video source. The...

Ensemble Designs: be-10

BrightEye 10 Optical/SDI to Analog/SDI Converter (Receiver)

BrightEye 10 is a digital to analog video converter with both SD SDI (electrical) and fiber optic inputs. Output formats include Beta and SMPTE component, RGB, and composite (with...

Ensemble Designs: be-11

BrightEye 11 SDI to Analog Converter

BrightEye 11 provides digital to analog video conversion with the full range of analog output formats available: Beta, SMPTE, RGB, and composite (with simultaneous...

Ensemble Designs: be-2

BrightEye 2 Analog to SDI Converter

BrightEye 2 provides uncompromised analog to digital video conversion of component and composite video. Analog inputs are digitized at 12 bits of resolution with 4x oversampling....

Ensemble Designs: be5

Analog Composite TBC and Frame Sync

The Ensemble-Designs BrightEye 5 is a Time Base Corrector with analog composite inputs and outputs. 12 bit digital signal processing ensures the best signal handling and a solid...

Colorado Video: colorado-video-641

2-Channel Video Synchronizer, Video Frame Synchronizer, Video Field Sync

The Colorado Video 641C 2-Channel Video Synchronizer, Frame Synchronizer accepts video input from two, independent, unsynchronized, video sources and provides them as two separate...

Kramer: sp-4d

4−Channel HD−SDI Synchronizer

The SP−4D is a synchronizer for serial digital signals up to HD−SDI. The unit synchronizes up to four channels from the dedicated genlock input or any other specified...

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