DPict Imaging: aexeon-lt

PCI And PCI Express Video Capture Boards
The DPict Imaging Aexeon-LT is a low-profile video acquisition board for standard definition analog cameras. Available in either PCI or PCI Express formats, AexeonLT...
Form Factor   
Video Inputs   
Video Digitization   
Video Acquisition   
RGB 32/24/16/15/8 and YUV 4   2:2 pixel formats
DPict Imaging: nvision

Intelligent Video Network Device
The dPict Imaging n-Vision is a multi-format intelligent video transmission and capture device for mobile or remote video applications. n Vision digitizes and...
RGB 32/24/16/15/8 and YUV 4   2:2 pixel formats
Operating temperature    0° C to 70° C
Relative humidity    5% up to 95% non-condensing
Euresys: picolo-alert-pcie

PCIe video capture card with four BNC connectors for up to 16 standard PAL/NTSC cameras

The Euresys PICOLO ALERT PCIe is a top-quality video acquisition card compatible with standard PAL or NTSC cameras. They are dedicated to high-end applications in the fields of...

PCI interface(s)    64-bit, 66 MHz PCI or PCI Express x1
Video signals    Interlaced composite PAL/NTSC
Video resolution    Square - Broadcast, QCIF => Full D1
Video acquisition rate    200/240 fps, up to 100/120 ips constantly available
Nr. of real time cameras per card    4

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.