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Datavideo: mcu-100p

Multi-Camera Control Unit - Panasonic

MCU-100P is a Camera Control Unit for up to 4 Panasonic cameras (Handheld). It allows a distance of up to 300m between the cameras and the MCU-100 using the AD-1 adapters. It can...

Datavideo: mcu-200p

Rackmount Multi-Camera Control Unit - Panasonic

The Datavideo MCU-200P Controller can be used to remotely set up, from a gallery or OB Van, Panasonic P2 cameras such as the AG-HPX255, AG-HPX371, AG-HPX301 or...

Datavideo: vp-633

100m SDI Repeater (Powered)

The Datavideo VP-633 is a SDI repeater with DC power input.


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Datavideo: vp-634

100m SDI Repeater (Unpowered)

The Datavideo VP-634 is a SDI repeater to use with VP-633. Can extend the signal for up to 100m.


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Datavideo: vp-597

2x6 3G HD/SD-SDI Distribution Amplifier

Datavideo VP-597 is a six output SDI distribution amplifier with A/B inputs switching control (non-locked). It supports 3G/HD/SD SDI video with embedded Audio and re-clock design...

Datavideo: pd-2a

Power Center

The Datavideo PD-2A is a Power Distributor with 110 Volts/220 Volts.



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Datavideo: pd-4a

Redundant Power Center

The Datavideo PD-4A is a Power Distributor with redundant power supply.



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