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ExorVision: ex2401ts

24→ DenClarity Monitor

The ExorVision 24" DenClarity Monitor comes in

EX2041TS (white) or

EX2401TS-B (beige) and includes


ExorVision: et7v76atmd-2

ET7V76ATMD-2 17-inch Medical Monitor

17"Med.Monitor VGA, Video, S-video, Component, HDMI, digitalTV, w/ base

ExorVision: et19f76md-2

17" Medical Monitor Res 1280x1024

This ExorVision ET 7V76MD monitor has passed stringent tests for low voltage power and it also has a wide viewing angle screen so it can be easily viewed from different angles....

Panel Grade    A
Gamma Correction    Yes
Panel Type    17" LCD
Aspect Ratio    4:3
Water Sealed front    Yes
ExorVision: et17vm-2

ExorVision: et7V76atm-2

(discontinued) ET7V76ATM-2 17-inch Dental Monitor LED backlight

This item is DISCONTINUED. Please contact for a suitable alternative.


17" ET7V76ATM-2 HD LED...

ExorVision: et19hm

19" Dental Monitor Res 1280x1024

The ExorVision ET19HM monitor has sharp images and vibrant colors that are ideal for the operatory that focuses on your practice and the care of patients. It is designed for...

Contrast ratio 1000   1
Low voltage power supply   
ExorVision: et7v76mtu

17" Touch Monitor Res 1280x1024

The ET7V76MTU multi-function touch monitor includes a resistive touchscreen. It can be connected with an intra oral camera and sensor.


Aspect Ratio 4   3
Contrast Ratio 1000   1
Low voltage power supply    12 V, 5 amp
ExorVision: et17vm

17" Dental Monitor Res 1280x1024

The ExorVision ET17VM dental monitor delivers crisp and bright images that dentists and physicians can depend on.
The ET17VM features VGA, Audio, and DVI...

Contrast ratio 1000   1
ExorVision: et19vm-2

19" Dental Monitor Res 1280x1024

The ExorVision ET19VM classic clinic dental monitor delivers sharp and clear images that you can depend on for your professional work.


Contrast ratio 1000   1
ExorVision: et19atm-2

(discontinued) ET19ATM-2 19-inch Dental Monitor, LED backlight

This item DISCONTINUED. Please contact for a suitable alternative.


Dental Monitor, VGA, Video, S...

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