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Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.: lc-1

CCTV Lens Controller

The CCTV Lens Controller (LC-1) is a control device for motorized zoom lenses. The LC-1 can operate lenses with up to three motors with or without potentiometers. The Ethernet...

Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.: lc-2

Canon EF/EF-S Lens Controller

The ISSI Canon® EF lens controller is designed to operate Canon® EF, EF-S and L series IS auto focus lenses as well as Sigma® and Tamron® EF lenses.  The lens controller makes it possible...

Innovative Scientific Solutions, Inc.: psg-3

Four Channel Pulse/Delay Generator

The PSG-3 is a four channel digital pulse/delay generator used for controlling the timing of experiment parameters and can be used as an experiment master clock or externally triggered (or gated)...

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