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Mackie: dl806-dl1608-rackmount-kit

Rackmount Bracket for DL806 & DL1608

The DL806/DL1608 RACKMOUNT KIT from Mackie is a set of mounting brackets for the DL806/DL1608 mixer. Attaching the brackets to your mixer lets you mount it in a standard 19"...

Mackie: profx16-rackmount-kit

Rackmount Bracket Set for ProFX16

This PROFX16 RACKMOUNT KIT from Mackie is a set of brackets that allows you to install the ProFX 16 mixer in a standard 19" equipment rack. This solution is ideal for permanent...

1202vlz rackmount kit.jpg
Mackie: 1202vlz-rackmount-kit

Rackmount Bracket Set for 1202VLZ4, VLZ3 & VLZ Pro

The Mackie 1202VLZ RACKMOUNT KIT is a bracket set that is used for the 1202VLZ4, VLZ3 & VLZ Pro.


Available Configurations Include:


1604vlz rotopod kit.jpg
Mackie: 1604vlz-rotopod-kit

RotoPod Bracket Set for 1604VLZ4, VLZ3 & VLZ Pro

The Mackie 1604VLZ ROTOPOD KIT is designed for use with the 1604-VLZ Pro & VLZ3 16-Channel Mic/Line

onyx 640i rotopod kit.jpg
Mackie: oxyn-1640i-rotopod-kit

RotoPod Bracket Set for Onyx 1640i

The ONYX 1640I ROTOPOD KIT from Mackie is a bracket that allows you to adjust the Rotopod I/O section of your Onyx 1640i mixer so that the connections will face in the same...

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