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Sofradir EC: eztherm875

Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras - Ideal For Industrial Inspection And Building Thermography

Use the EZTherm 875 thermal imager to quickly identify problems and defects in building envelopes. Use it to evaluate building energy losses and cut down on expensive heating and...

ez therm876.jpg
Sofradir EC: ez-therm876

Thermal Imager with Easy Viewing Display

The EZ THERM876 is quality right out of the box!  With compact design and super resolution option (320x240), this series of imagers provides the right amount of power and...

Sofradir EC: atom-1024

Uncooled Infrared Camera with XGA Resolution

The Atom 1024 camera engines are the ideal choice for a wide range of military and COTS thermal imaging systems including ground vehicle and airborne EOIR reconnaissance...

Infrared Detector    Uncooled ASi Microbolometer
Array Size    1024 x 768 pixels
Pixel Pitch    17 microns
Detector Spectral Range    8-14 microns
Frame Rate    30Hz XGA (Option for 60Hz VGA)
Sofradir EC: eztherm885

Thermal Camera With Easy Operation And Simple Icons And Intuitive Menus

The new EZTherm 885 thermal imager stands out thanks to its large articulating display and rotating handle. This allows you to keep the display in view when using the...

Highest quality image   
Sofradir EC: ire-320s

High Performance Cooled Infrared Camera

The Sofradir EC infrared IRE-320S camera family harnesses the full performance of the Sofradir Mars, Scorpio, and Jupiter Mercury Cadmium Telluride (MCT) focal plane arrays while...

Sofradir EC: eztherm882

Portable Thermal Imaging Cameras - Ideal For Industrial Inspection And Building Thermography

Industrial and commercial preventive maintenance applications are some of the most demanding work environments for use of a thermal imager. The EZTherm 882 Series use of proven...

High image quality    NETD < 60mk
Sofradir EC: atom-640

ATOM 640 CAMERA CORE: The ideal uncooled camera core for flexibility, compatibility and value

The Atom 640 is a full function, high performance, uncooled IR camera core supplied ready to integrate for a variety of demanding applications.  It incorporates an advanced Gen2...

Sofradir EC: pv640

Uncooled Infrared Camera with VGA Resolution
Incorporating an advanced 640x480 microbolometer detector array, the PV640 Uncooled Infrared Camera delivers high resolution infrared images in a VGA format. Because it accepts a...
Infrared Detector    Uncooled microbolometer
Array Size    640 x 480 pixels
Pixel Pitch    17μm detector
Spectral Range    8-14 μm, optionally 2-20μm
Frame Rate    60 Hz
Sofradir EC: atom-80

80x80 Uncooled Microbolometer Core Camera

The ATOM 80 is an affordable Thermal Infrared Module ideal for use in research and OEM applications. The module produces a digital USB video signal due to the thermal emission of...

Sensor    80x80 microbolometer array
Spectral Response    8-14 µm
Detector NETD    <100 mK (f/1, 27°C)
Power Consumption    < 0.25 W
Operating Temperature Range    -20°C to 60°C

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