(discontinued) NAV Series TCP/IP Standalone Network Fingerprint Access Controller, Single Door

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The Everfocus EBC910 is a bio-metric scanner/card reader/keypad all in one. This single door network access control device can be powered through PoE meaning less cabling and no need for a dedicated separate power supply. Fully configurable user groups and user rights access means that only those who should have access will have access and only during the times they are permitted. Access rules can be as simple as scanning a finger print or you can define a layered option such as fingerprint, card, and Pin # being required to gain entry, all of which can be defined at the controller itself using the keypad and LCD or through the web interface accessed from a PC.

Large storage capacity: supports up to 10, 000 users and 1 million event log entries

Flexible operating mode: the fingerprint unit may function independently or may be connected with a computer; the software controls communications in real time

Feature-rich management functions: capable of conducting access administration based on time, date, location, and cardholder's access privileges

Powerful alarm features: connectivity with the alarm server for the ARM/ DISARM of controlled areas; the triggering of a fire alarm will effect controls to the appropriate door areas, which provides convenient connectivity

Up to 13 door access types to provide customers with convenient options to suit their needs

Backlit LCD display (2x10 Chinese characters or 2x20 English or Russian Characters)

The protective features of TVS safeguards the fingerprint unit against damage resulting from transient high voltage

Network access is based on CAT-5, which can be used for communication (10M/100M Ethernet) and Power over Ethernet (POE)

Mainstream web browser is used to access remote equipment and perform control and administration; no additional software is required

Embedded Linux operating system: installation of additional software not required to operate and administer the system and controllers

Operates via DHCP and static IP, which is a plug-and-play feature

Powerful networking features: web browser is used to access remote equipment and perform control and administration tasks

Easy to use: the keyboard on the controller can be used to conduct simple configuration tasks

A single unit that reads cards, scans fingerprints, and provides access control


Maximum Number of Cards


Maximum Number of Log Entries


Number of Card Readers Supported


Operating System

Linux embedded database with 512M memory

Maximum Number of Connected Control Units


Identification Time

1 : 1 : < 1sec ; 1 : N : < 2sec

Error Rate


Automatic Finger Detection Feature


Number of Controllable Doors


Card Reader Signal Format

Wiegand 26 or RS232

Alarm Inputs

5 channels
(may be configured as a general alarm or fire alarm)

Alarm Outputs

1 channel

Communications Interface

10/100MB Ethernet

Programmable Dates

3 types available with up to 384 types of date configurations



Multiple Card Access


Door Area Interlocking


Expiration of Card


Daylight Saving Time



Backlit, 2 x 10 Chinese, 2 x 20 English / Russian

Door Relay Current


Alarm Relay Current



PoE power supply, 12VDC ± 15%, Max. 1A

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.