Azden: 15bt

105 Series UHF Body-Pack Transmitter

The Azden 15BT Beltpack Transmitter is designed for use with their 105UPR receiver. The 15BT features 92 selectable frequencies and features a belt-clip and mini i...

Azden: 2000bt

UHF Transmitter for 2000 Series Receivers

The 2000BT UHF Body-Pack Transmitter (638.125 to 661.875 MHz) by Azden is designed to work with the 2000 Series wireless receivers. It is used in various environments, for audio ap...
Transmitter Type    F3E FM
Output Power    50mW
Oscillation    Crystal-controlled PLL Synthesizer
Tone Code Frequency    32.768 kHz
Noise Reduction    Proprietary Compander

Azden: 310lt

UHF Diversity Wireless Microphone System

The Azden 310LT UHF On-Camera Bodypack System is a powerful yet affordable UHF wireless microphone system for camera-mount applications. The system consists of Azden's 35BT bodypac...

Azden: 330lt

UHF Dual-Channel Wireless System

The Azden 330LT UHF dual wireless lavalier system is a powerful dual-channel UHF wireless microphone system for camera-mount applications. The system consists of 2 Azden 35BT body-...
Frequency Range    UHF 188 Frequencies (566.125-589.875MHz)
Type of Reception    FM
Oscillator    PLL Synthesized
RF Squelch Level    -95dBm
Frequency Response    50Hz – 15kHz

Azden: 35bt

300 Series UHF Body Pack Transmitter

The Azden 35BT Wireless Beltpack Transmitter is intended for use with Azden's 305 series wireless systems. The 35BT beltpack transmitter includes the EX-503 lavali...

Shure: p10r

Wireless Bodypack Receiver for PSM1000

The P10R Wireless Bodypack Receiver for PSM1000 (G10: 470-542MHz) from Shure is a professional-quality wireless stereo bodypack receiver designed to be used as part of a PSM1000 wi...

Shure: p9ra

Wireless Personal Monitoring Receiver (G6: 470-506MHz)

The Shure P9RA Wireless Personal Monitoring Receiver is sold as part of the Shure PSM 900 Wireless Monitoring System, and available separately. The P9RA bodypack r...

Shure: qlxd1

Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

The Shure QLXD1 Wireless Bodypack Transmitter quickly syncs with a wireless receiver over IR at the push of a button and maintains a clear, uninterrupted signal over its entire ran...

s4.4-btx g5 q.jpg
TOA: s4-4-btx-g5-q

S4 Series Bodypack Transmitter G5 Band

The Toa Electronics S4.4-BTX G5 Q Trantec S4.4 Series BTX-G5 Q UHF Wireless Beltpack Transmitter (Channel G5) with 3.5mm Microphone Input Connector, has a Detachable Antenna, and c...

Shure: ulxd1

Wireless Bodypack Transmitter

The Shure ULXD1 is a wireless bodypack transmitter compatible with ULX-D® Digital Wireless Systems.

With a rugged yet lightweight aluminum case, the ULXD1

Azden: wl-t-pro

Body-pack transmitter with EX-503 mic

The Azden WLT/PRO VHF Wireless Bodypack Transmitter consists of the WM-Pro bodypack transmitter and EX-503 omnidirectional lavalier microphone. The transmitter features 2 switchabl...