American Video Equipment: hydra

Data collector with VSI-Add open format

The HYDRA is an interface device that allows the connection of multiple cash register terminals using the Regcom/Networker/Vnetworker slave units for the purpose of transaction log...

American Video Equipment: regcom

Data Interfac-work in conjunction with Hydra to format POS data

The American Video Equipment REGCOM Multi-Cash Register Interface is invaluable when you have a multi register environment as you will no longer need to use a VSI-Pro for each regi...

American Video Equipment: tcp-ip-atm

TCPIP Adapter for all VSSI-PRO-ATM

The American Video Equipment TCP/IP-ATM ATM Interface is designed to capture ATM transactions on a ATM LAN system then convert captured transactions to a serial port to interface w...

vsi-pro max.jpg
American Video Equipment: vsi-pro-max

Cash Register Interface w/ integrated reg-com/hydra for multi cash register systems

The VSI-Pro Max is the latest in the evolution of the popular VSI line of POS / Cash Register Interfaces from AVE. The VSI-Pro Max, now with larger memory space can hold ALL the AV...

vsi-pro max 8.jpg
American Video Equipment: vsi-pro-max-8

8 VSIPRO MAX in 1 unit,rack mount; compat w/100's of registers;ideal for large systems

The VSI-PRO MAX 8 is an 8 channel POS / Cash Register Interface in one convenient unit which can be table top or 19” rack mounted. Simple programming of all the internal channels...

vsi-pro v13.jpg
American Video Equipment: vsi-pro-v13

Cash Register Interface, 2 Alarms, T/D lock, programmable

The VSI-PRO V13 is an excellent tool for controlling inventory shrinkage and loss prevention. When interfaced between a POS or Cash Register and DVR, it overlays the register’s t...

vsipro uart.jpg
American Video Equipment: vsipro-uart

Cash Register Interface, 2 Alarms, T/D lock, programmable

The VSIPRO UART daughter board can be added to either the VSI-Pro Max or VSI-Pro. This UART is fully compatible with the standard 16550 UART and supports all modes including 7 bit ...

vssi-pro atm.jpg
American Video Equipment: vssi-pro-atm

ATM Interface taps modem communications (Includes Triport 2CH)

The VSSI-PRO ATM is designed especially for controlling loss and fraud at (ATM) Automatic Teller Machines. When connected between the modem or TCP/IP Router and ATM, it monitors t...