Midwest Optical: bk100

Bandpass Filter Kit

The BK100 MidOpt Bandpass Filters Mimic the Output of LED Illumination Testing the effects of monochromatic LED illumination in a system is easily accomplished by using available...

Midwest Optical: fk100

MV Filter Kit

MIDOPT Filter Kits are designed to assist vision integrators and end users attempting to evaluate and improve image quality.
Each kit provides a selection of filters useful in observing...

Midwest Optical: fk200-27

Machine Vision Filter Kit

-  Ten most popular UV, Visible and Infrared Machine Vision Filters
-  27mm threaded mount
-  Polarizing film for light sources
-  Technical booklet with specs and...

Midwest Optical: ik100

IK100 NIR Machine Vision Filter Kit

An excellent starter kit when imaging in the NIR, the IK100 is available in all threaded sizes: M25.5 → M105 and designed to assist vision integrators and end users.

This MidOpt...

Midwest Optical: nk100

Neutral Density Filter Kit

ND NK100 Kit Includes:


ND030 Neutral Density, Absorp.
OD = 0.3 (50% trans.)
ND060 Neutral Density, Absorp.
OD = 0.6 (25% trans.)

Midwest Optical: ns100

Neutral Density Swatch Filter Kit

The portable NS100 neutral density kit makes it easy to solve applications on site and includes all of MidOpt→s Visible Neutral Density Filters.

This MidOpt...

Midwest Optical: uk100

UV Fluorescence Filter Kit

UK100 Kit Includes:

BP324 Near UV Bandpass
BP365 Near UV Bandpass
BP470 Blue Bandpass
BP525 Light Green Bandpass
BP590 Orange Bandpass

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Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.