Imaging Accessories
Tiffen: clear-filters

Clear Protection Filters 30mm - 82mm

The Tiffen Clear Filters helps to protect your lens from dust, scratches, dirt, moisture, fingerprints and more.


Tiffen: digital-ht-haze-86

DIGITAL HT HAZE 86 in 52mm- 82mm

The Tiffen DIGITAL HT HAZE 86 filters absorbs 86% of UV light and reduces haze more than Haze-1.

They are perfect for use in high altitudes and along bodies of water.


digital ultra clear filter.jpg
Tiffen: digital-ultra-clear

Digital Ultra Clear Filters 49mm -82mm

The Digital Ultra Clear Protective Filter helps protect your lens from dust, scratches, dirt, moisture, fingerprints and more. These filters are made for the discerning photographer from the...

Tiffen: haze-one

Haze 1A and Wide Haze1A Filters
  • Reduces excessive blue by absorbing almost three quarters of UV light
  • Best general purpose UV control
  • Eliminates UV problems from most situations where increased haze...
haze 2a filter.jpg
Tiffen: haze-two-a-filter

Haze 2A Filters, 49mm -86mm

The Tiffen Haze 2A filters-

Absorbs virtually all UV light

Reduces haze more than Haze-1

Perfect for use in high altitudes and along bodies of...

Tiffen: ht-ultra-clear-filter

Digital HT Ultra Clear Filter 52mm-82mm

Tiffen Digital HT filters are a state-of-the-art technological breakthrough in multi-coated photo and video filters. Made for the discerning professional and imaging enthusiast, Digital HT filters...

kodak wratten filter.jpg
Tiffen: kodak-wratten

Kodak Wratten Gelatin Filters

Kodak filters are available in more than 100 varieties.  Gelatin filters are for use with image-forming light beams.  KODAK WRATTEN Gelatin Filters are available in the sizes listed on this...

sky1a filter.jpg
Tiffen: sky-1a-filter

Pink tinted Sky filter, 30.5mm - 86C

Tiffen SKY 1A Filter

Absorbs almost half of UV light

Popular general use filter

Pink-tinted for added warmth and better...

Tiffen: tmc1-multi-coated-filter

Multi-coated one-side protective filter

The Tiffen TMC1 filters are ideal for the professional and imaging enthusiast. The durable one-sided multi-coated filter boasts superior transmission, easy cleaning surface and...

Tiffen: uv-filter

UV Protection and Wide UV Protection 27mm -95mm

Tiffen Protection and UV Control filters offer you protection from the elements and accidental drops, as well absorb UV light. These filters can be kept on your lens at all...

warm uv haze.jpg
Tiffen: warm-uv-haze

Warm UV Haze 37mm - 82mm

Tiffen Warm UV Haze

For the technically-minded image maker who wants to absorb most but not all UV light

Absorbs slightly less UV light than Haze...

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